Call Center Service

Intouchvas Call Center Service is a cloud based, integrated calls management systems that seamlessly manages customers call traffic to accelerate the organizations bottom line.

  •  Inbound calls (customers calling business) and outbound calls
    (Business calling customers).
  • Disposition – logging the reason for a call.
  • Answered – received calls
  • Noanswer – a call that rang at agent’s desk but was not answered.
  • Abandoned – a call that never had an opportunity to be answered.
    Customer terminated the call before any agent picked.
  • Abandoned After Threshold – call waited for more than the set waiting time but did not get an opportunity to be picked.

Get Started with just a few lines of code

Start messaging your customers today with our quick and easy-to-use SMS Service API and in-depth documentation.


var message = { “message”: “message here”, “msisdn”: “+2547xxxxxxxx”, “sender_id”: “INTOUCHVAS”, “callback_url”: “”, }

Our Clients

Our Customers Feedback

Their customer support is incredible. We've seen a significant increase in customer engagement and sales since we started using their services. Highly recommended!
Leornard W.
Their team worked with us to develop a custom plan that suits our needs. The ability to reach our supporters and volunteers through SMS has significantly improved our outreach efforts.
Purity N.
The delivery rates are impressive, and the ability to schedule messages in advance has been a game-changer for us. Thanks, Wezesha Biz Team, for making our SMS marketing a breeze!
Charles O.